Ancient Lithuanian Kanklės / Construction, distribution

Kanklės of North Western Žemaičiai and Suvalkiečiai

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In North Western Žemaitija you can find the instruments, similar to the second type kanklės, only the thick end is rounded not too visibly or carved in a shape of a spiral. In Suvalkija the narrow end of the kanklės is suddenly spread out and rounded. The strings at the narrow end are attached to the metal stick attacked to the wooded sides, on the thick end to the wooden, later metal adjusters. Their adornment is very detailed, full of ornaments, but with taste. Ornaments are put on the top sheet, the sides of the body, spiral curve and rounded thin end. The sheet most often gets one or few six leaf stars carved out with a circle shaped cuts or two holes that remind you of violin cuts. The instrument is hung up by thick end spiral curve or it has holes made in the circle.

Kanklės have 9 - 13 strings.

Photo: The kanklės of North Western Žemaičiai and Suvalkiečiai:
1 - the kanklės of Western Žemaičiai. Telšiai reg. ČDM Lt 2801 (to see the drawing);
2 - the kanklės of Suvalkiečiai. Marijampolė reg., Veiveriai a., Skriaudžiai v. 1886 year. ČDM ŽL 70;
3 - the kanklės of Suvalkiečiai. Skriaudžiai v., about 1900 year. TMM 26265. Made by P. Puskunigis.

(BA 1991:36 - 37)

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