Ancient Lithuanian Kanklės / Players and Masters


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The players of North Eastern Aukštaičiai were the old men usually performing in their homes, for yourself and at specific time, the best at evening, when everything around calms down. The playing on kanklės was a special form of meditation. Playing traditions have disappeared in the middle of 20th century.

The players of Western Aukštaičiai, Žemaičiai and Suvalkiečiai were also the old men, but they were performing not only in their homes. The kanklės were used as instruments for ritual holidays and entertainments. At the end of 19th century - beginning of 20th century Suvalkiečiai started to use group playing of kanklės together with singing. The kanklės of Suvalkiečiai, playing traditions and repertoire became quite popular in Lithuania and were founded for improvement of kanklės as concert instruments.

At the present time ancient Lithuanian kanklės are used by folklore art groups, these instruments are made and reconstructed according to museums samples by the masters of kanklės.

More about kanklės players see Baltrėnienė 1990; BA 1991; APV 1990; 1994

Skulpture "Kanklininkas". Made by J. Bugailiškis.

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