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Pranas Puskunigis
(1860 - 1946)

Lived:1860, Šakiai reg., Sintautai a., Katiliai v. - 1946, Marijampolė reg., Veiveriai a., Skriaudžiai v.
Profesion:Organist, teacher of kanklės.
Records:In 1937 he recorded 30 songs and 6 dances. P. Puskunigis arranged for kanklės ensemble lots of folklore melodies, his own songs and pieces.
  1. Song "Sunkios sunkios svočios" (0.37) Fragment of the record (18 s)
  2. Dance "Šiaučius" (1.26)
  3. Dance "Šocas" (0.51) Fragment of the record (17 s)
  4. "Oi ūžkit, gauskit" Fragment of the record (14 s)

1-3 Records from audio tape "Lithuanian folk music (part 1) - Kanklės".

Information:He have organized the groups of kanklės players (1906, Skriaudžiai v.; 1914 - 1926, Kaunas), the Society of kanklės players (1925, Kaunas), the School of kanklės (1930, Kaunas), prepared a book on playing the kanklės for beginners (1932).

He put some system into traditional Suvalkiečiai playing kanklės. His normalized playing became the base for forming later professional performance. P. Puskunigis made same samples of kanklės. His instrument is in depository of TMM 26265 (see Photo 3: The kanklės of North Western Žemaičiai and Suvalkiečiai; kanklės of North Western Žemaičiai and Suvalkiečiai).

Picture from:BA 1991:50.
More Pictures:
  1. P. Puskunigis in 1913
  2. Photo of the kanklės. Made by P. Puskunigis

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