Ancient Lithuanian Kanklės / Repertoire

Repertoire of North Eastern Aukštaičiai

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The repertoire of North Eastern Aukštaičiai consists of vocal sutartinė (the old contrapuntal folk songs). Only the foursomes sutartinė are played, less often, the twosomes. The performance of these sutartinė matches most the specifics of the kanklės playing. The played vocal sutartinė are modified quite often: both voice lines are not always held, some second mixtures of sounds disappear and etc.


1. The sutartinė "Kirtau lazdelę" (best view).
Played by J. Plepys in 1935 (APV 1994:82).
Record fragment (24 s) (KC 1996);
2. The sutartinė "Obelyt gražuolyt" (best view).
Played by P. Lapienė in 1937 (APV 1994:88).
Record fragment (20 s) (KC 1996);
3 The vocal foursomes sutartinė "Obelyt gražulyt" (best view).
The both voices sung by O. Smilgienė (Biržai reg., Papilys a., Gavėniškis v.) in 1911 (Slaviūnas 1959:499).

There is no authentics record.

Homophonic folk songs and dances not usual for North Eastern Aukštaičiai kanklės players repertoire, though at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century sometimes were played.

"Kazokas" ("Astriškų maršas") (best view).
Played by P. Lapienė in 1937 (APV 1994:92).
Record fragment (17 s) (KC 1996).

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