Ancient Lithuanian Kanklės / Technique of playing

Technique of playing of North Eastern Aukštaičiai

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North Eastern Aukštaičiai keep kanklės on their knees, on the table, on stomach (kanklės are played while in lying position, less typical). The strings are hit by the right hand from the person with the nail of the second finger, towards yourself - with the pillow of the finger. Sometimes they are hit with the first finger of the left hand as well. Usually only one or two strings are vibrated. If one touches two strings immediately, you can hear escudos sound combination, slower - the first sound plays as prebar.

Picture: Playing position of North Eastern Aukštaičiai (APV 1994:67)

While vibrating the strings with the right hand's fingers, the left hand's wrist raised fingers is held supported by the thick end. By all fingers of this hand the unnecessary strings are calmed down. Sometimes the strings are not calmed at all - they sound and blend with the other new sounds. Very rarely the left hand second finger also vibrates the strings. Such position is comfortable to produce sutartinė second sound blends.


1. The sutartinė "Du žali berželiai" (best view).
Played by J. Plepys in 1937 (APV 1994:88).
Record fragment (23s) (KC 1996);
2. The sutartinė "Ratilioj, linkau ratą" (best view).
Played by J. Plepys in 1935 (APV 1994:82).
Record fragment (25s) (KC 1996);

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